Massage is an amazing relaxation technique which can help in many ways, whether its stress, a sense of well being, cellulite breakdown or tight muscles that you need relieving from.

With specially blended aromatherapy oils a massage will always help, so just lay back and relax as your aches and ailments are soon forgotten.

Massages can be anything from a general relaxation massage, or they can be focused on a specific area if you have aches that need targeting.

Back and Neck Massage

Back and neck massages help to release tension in the back, shoulder and neck muscles.

This massage lasts around 45 minutes and costs £25

Full Body Massage

A full body massage covers your legs, arms and abdomen before moving onto your back, neck and shoulders.

This service lasts 75 minutes and costs £35

Deluxe Full Body Massage

The deluxe full body massage includes everything from the normal full body massage with the addition of a face and scalp massage.

The deluxe full body massage lasts 90 minutes and only costs £40